Hotspot Shield 9.8.5 Premium APK | VPN Hotspot | Download Crack 2020

Hotspot Shield 8.4.1 Premium APK | VPN Hotspot | Free Download Crack

Hotspot Shield 9.8.5 VPN (Virtual Private Network) mostly used to enable accessing the unblocked contents and sites. You can easily download it form Windows Activator free of cost. Also, it protects your privacy and protecting your online threats. Easy to use only one click to activate and access the unofficial sites.

Hotspot Shield 9.8.5 services can be used by browsing, gaming, file sharing, and social media. Our virtual private network provides security, protection, and privacy for Mac, iPhone, Windows, and Android. Signup the VPN Hotspot premium account and select for the payment details, you cannot be billed for the first seven days.

Hotspot Shield 8.4.1 VPN

Hotspot Shield 9.8.5 VPN

Hotspot Shield 9.8.5 (Virtual Private Network) is for public services, operated by AnchorFree, Inc. AnchorFree is a company of silicon valley Virtual private network services that hides the actual appearance in the world. It provides services to access unauthorized sites and contents.

VPN Hotspot virtual private network easily to access unblocked sites all over the world. VPN services allow you to access facebook, twitter, youtube all unblocked sites in your browser safely and efficiently. More than 500 million users are used to VPN Hotspot (Virtual Private Network).

Features of VPN Hotspot

There are multiple features of Hotspot VPN services; some are below:

  • Ad-Free

VPN services provide the facility to remove the all adds in our sites that are used in our browser. It gives the Ad-Free to seen online videos on youtube, Dailymotion, etc.

  • WiFi Security

It is easily accessed at all sites. There are secure your wifi security for office wifi connection or personal connection.

  • Malware Protection

Hotspot Free provides the unharmed malware protection of our hardware data. It gives the facility to secure your data to unauthorized access and malware attack.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

The virtual private network provides the facility to unlimited bandwidth for 500 MB per day and resets every 24 hrs.

  • Premium VPN Servers

Premium Virtual private network servers provide a small amount to pay for online security and privacy.

  • Private Browsing

Hotspot Shield virtual provides the facility to use private browsing. It provides the new IP address and hides the original IP address to another person who wants to hack your location.

  • Personal Data Security

It may provide your data security to unauthorized access and malware attacks online. Secure your pictures, videos, and personal documents.

  • Unlimited Content Access

VPN (virtual private network) services provide unlimited content access feasibility. Users cannot access youtube, facebook at the workplace, college,  and school. By using Hotspot Shield 9.8.5 vpn to unblocked the youtube, facebook, or any sites from anywhere.

  • Secure your web session

Secure your online shopping, data, and personal information online with HTTP encryption during your secure web session.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

VPN Hotspot provides the 45 days money-back guarantee for the customer. It gives the seven days free trial version free of cost customer check quickly and then buy the premium version.

Hotspot Shield 8.4.1 VPN

FAQs Hotspot Shield 9.8.5 VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Q1: Is Hotspot VPN is free of cost?

Ans: No, it cannot be free of cost. If you want to enjoy all of its features, then you have to get premium versions. It offers monthly 15GB of data for generous.

But Windows Activator provides you the premium version free of cost.

Q2: Is Free Hotspot safe for personal use?

Ans: In most cases, we have seen that the free hotspot is not safe for personal use. When the window starts, the hotspot shield vpn is activated. It is used to prevent leaks from the IP addresses.

Q3: Is Hotspot a virus?

Ans: Hotspot VPN is not anti-virus. Elite Hotspot cannot secure your computer or device to any malware attack. The essential function of HotSpot is to safe your internet session.

Q4: Is Hotspot Shield hide your IP address?

Ans: Activate Hotspot Elite hide your IP address when you want. When you want to protect your IP address to another person, then click the “Connect” button in the desktop application. Then your IP address hides another person.

Q5: What devices are used to Hotspot VPN?

Ans: There are multiple platforms to use free Hotspot are given below:

  • windows
  • Mac
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Chrome

Q6: Is Hotspot Shield vpn is easy to use?

Ans: Yes, Hotspot shield vpn is easy to download, install, and easy to use for my personal experience. Mostly vpn is difficult to download, install, and use, but Hotspot Shield vpn is straightforward to use.

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