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Query 1:  How I can Download Files From WindowsActivator.INFO?

Answer: Read the article carefully and follow the instructions. Video tutorials for some Softwares are also available. Read, Watch, and learn the downloading procedures.

Query 2: Sometime Cracks, Patches, Activators and Loaders are detected As Virus By AntiVirus Softwares?

Answer: These Tools can be recognized as false positive (infection) because these Cracks or Activators make changes in the registry files.

Any program which attempts to make a change in registry files is considered as a virus by Windows defender. You should disable all kind of Windows defender including firewall and third-party antivirus programs so that activation process do no interrupt.

Query 3:  Can I Update Software After Applying Crack Or Activator?

Answer: As you are using an old version of any software and you get a new update. If you update this early version, then there are 95% chances that the activation of the software will abolish. In this situation, you have to reactivate the software.

Query 4:  How can I block the Internet Access of a Software?

Answer: You can block internet access for the software by the products describe in the below:

  • Firstly, open the Control Panel.
  • Open Advanced Settings of Windows Firewall.
  • Select the Outbound Rules.
  • A new right panel will show.
  • Select the New Rule.
  • Select the Program and click the next button.
  • Through the Browse button, you have to choose the target software. Push the next button.
  • Block the connection and click on next button
  • Give the name to these settings.
  • You have successfully blocked the internet connection for the desired software.

Query 5: Is it is necessary to put all of these advertisements? 

Answer: We are trying to give you a platform where anyone can download such Softwares which are too costly. So, we need funds to manage this organization, that is the reason we need to put advertisements on WindowsActivator.INFO.

It will be convenient for us if you disable ad-blocker for this website.


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