DCMA stands for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and WindowsActivator.INFO

WindowsActivator.INFO Is in consistence with I.U.B and the DMCA Rules. This company gives respect to all the rules of DMCA, I.U.B, and other digital laws. WindowsActivator.INFO applies necessary actions if someone’s property gets affected.

We make and form our chronicles, photos, and articles we don’t store any illegal or copyrighted substance like photographs, accounts, Softwares, parts, etc. our site on the web. Every single one of the pictures, Softwares, Activator, we used offered fabulously to learning purposes, and the majority of the associated links are taken from third-party websites. I previously referenced that we don’t control 3rd person’s servers. You can get in touch with us to remove the item join from our site. We indeed regard and stick to DMCA guideline

If any of your material is posted on WindowsActivator.INFO and you want to delete your content, then you have to E-mail us. Your written communication should be comprised of the following sections. These sections are elaborated below. Please be noted that you will be liable for all the losses and price. If you mislead notice recorded on our website that is violating your copyrights.

Our recommendation is you should first take guidance from your judicial advisor and claim the digital material.

The following should be attached with your claim:

  1. Guarantee that you are genuine Holder of the document.
  2. You have to provide complete evidence of the claimed material.
  3. Provide the URL of the claimed material.
  4. Give satisfactory Contact Information so that our legal advisor may contact you.
  5. You ought to moreover incorporate a substantial electronic mail address.
  6. You have to provide enough detail about copyrighted work. One search term should be provided so that we can search under which the material appears in WindowsActivator.INFO.
  7. A clarification that the protesting gathering has an average certainty conviction that usage of the material inside the way objected isn’t acknowledged through the copyright proprietor, its administrator, or the guideline.
  8. An authorized person should sign the claim.
  9. The information in the notice is clear and under false claims, explaining that the protesting celebration is recognized to be a violation of a global right that is infringed.
  10. Contact us at

E-mail the Violation Notice

Please grant 3-6 working days for an E-mail acknowledgment. Note that informing your issue may bring about a conceded response due to incomplete information.


We will not accept any DMCA claim, if you E-mail us by GMAIL, YAHOO or other Third-party accounts.


Tahir Akmal