SmadAV- Free Download SmadAV 2019 Crack PRO + Key | Full Antivirus

Smadav - Free Download SMAdav 2019 Crack PRO + Key | Full Antivirus

SmadAV is a layer of 2 antiviruses. You can free download the latest versions of SmadAV 2019 and 2018 Pro with crack. You can also download Free Key at Windows Activator easily. It ensures you to provide extra protection to your computer from unwanted resources.

As we mentioned in above SmadAV 2018 provides the second layer of protection. It means that you can install it with another antivirus. In simple, you can say it works as a secondary antivirus. If anyone deceives the primary antivirus, then This second layer will protect the system.

Smadav - Free Download SMAdav 2019 Crack PRO + Key | Full Antivirus

Smadav – Free Download SMAdav 2019 Crack PRO + Key | Full Antivirus

SmadAV is lightweight and developed with cutting edge technology. It accrues very few resources. It runs in the background and protects the system. The latest version has vibrant features. SmadAV 2018 not only protects the system but also provide many methods to scan the operation efficiently.

SmadAV 2019 is compatible with Windows PCs. Some of the antiviruses do not allow to install the other Softwares like KMSpico, Microsoft Toolkit, Reloader Activator, etc. To install such kind of software we firstly have to deactivate and then install the software. But SmadAV 2018 and later version are much more flexible and intelligent. This antivirus does not interrupt the execution of such software.

The primary focus of this antivirus is scanning the flash devices. Thirty percent of the computer becomes a victim due to infected USB. USB plays a significant role to spread viruses. So SmadAV 2018 and 2019 are specially designed to put an extra layer against USB devices. If you have other primary antiviruses like Nod32 ESET, then it will not conflict with it.

Primary Peculiarities

There are too many reasons which convinced you to use such a fantastic anti-virus for computer protections. Some of the well-known qualities are mentioned in below.

Extra Protection

It gives maximum protection because it is layer two protection. This additional protection keeps the computer fully protected.

Occupy Low Resource

The size of the anti-virus is just 2 MB, and the code is also very much efficient. It occupies only 2 MB RAM space and consumes few clock cycles. These low resources do not put a burden on the CPU. The system works smoothly while it is running on foreground.

Flash Memory

The primary feature of this fantastic antivirus is to secure the computer from USB virus attack. The design of this software is very efficient in detecting and removing any viruses in the flash memory.


When you install the antivirus, then it will provide you different scanning options. Through scanning, you can scan complete system or portion of your pc it depends on your need.


Some of the well-known antiviruses work as a virus. They ask for money, and when you do not pay it will rather construction, they destruct the system.
SmadAV is a guaranteed secure antivirus. It will not steal your data or browser cache, which is very much confidential.


It is a free Antivirus. According to Wikipedia, It is developed by Zainuddin. You can also buy the product, but this price will go to charity.

32 and 64 bit

It supports both types of operating systems. It runs on 32-bit and 64-bit platform.


The underlying design of this antivirus is compatible with all types of operating systems. You can run it on any version of Windows and MAC Operating System.

Behind the scene

SmadAC anti-virus runs foreground that means it will keep working even without your notice. As it detects any virus. It deactivates the virus and removes it from the computer.

Smadav - Free Download SMAdav 2019 Crack PRO + Key | Full Antivirus

Download SmadAV

Downloading steps of SMadAV is straightforward and easy, which are as under:

  • Click on the link given in the below.
  • There you can read complete detail of the zip file
  • On the detail page, you will get different versions of SmadAV.
  • Choose the appropriate button and click.
  • Now you will be landed on the Download page
  • Wait for some time; downloading will start automatically.
  • If downloading do not start automatically, then push the quick download button again.
  • Enjoy! Software is downloaded now.

Free SmadAV Key 2019

Latest SmadAV License key 2019 is also available which you can use to activate your Antivirus.

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12.8 Key

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11.0.4 Key
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11.2 Key
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11.3.5 Key
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11.4 Key
Name: Aspirasisoft Smadav Pro 2017 Rev 11.42 Full
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11.5 Key
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11.6.5 Key
Name: Smadav Pro 2017 Rev 11.5 Full
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Downloading and installation phase of SmadAV is very straightforward, but if you face any difficulty, then feel free to contact us:

send your query at [email protected]

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