Ratiborus – Free Download KMS Ratiborus Tool {2019} | Windows Activator

Ratiborus - Free Download KMS Ratiborus Tool {2019} | Windows Activator

Ratiborus is a KMS tool which is used to activate Windows and Office perfectly. You can download KMS Ratiborus Tool latest 2019 free of cost at Windows Activator. It is one solution for all kind of activation problem. You can activate any version of Windows, Any edition of Office by this single tool.

Ratiborus is designed to work on the KMS system. KMS stands for Key Management System. This tool is perfect in cracking the KMS. It can easily find a key which can activate Microsoft’s products.

Ratiborus - Free Download KMS Ratiborus Tool {2019} | Windows Activator

Ratiborus – Free Download KMS Ratiborus Tool {2019} | Windows Activator

Ratiborus is a Windows and Office activator, which is designed by a Russian Developer Ratiborus. The interface of such activator is user-friendly and simple. Even if you are a new user, you can easily activate any version of Windows.

The primary focus of this tool is to activate those products which are costly and the people who have do not have resources to buy it. As you know Windows and Office Softwares are too expensive. The Cost of Windows 10 on Amazon is 130.99$ and the price of Office 2016 is 245.99$.
If you buy Windows 8.1 then you are limited to that version. If Microsoft releases a new version of Windows then you then this new version is not free for you. You have to again pay for this newer version.


There are numerous features which make it popular among the available Windows Activators. Some of the best qualities of Ratiborus are write down in the below.


Ratiborus is a fast activation tool. It is a lightweight process. It does not consume much processing power. So, during execution, it does not slow down the computer.


It occupies very little memory space in the RAM and Hard disk.


The operations of this activator are simple and straightforward. You can easily activate any version of Windows and Office product.


Ratiborus is a virus-free tool. During activation, you do not need to worry about the Crack. It is 100% secure tool. It does not steal any kind of data from your computer hard disk or Browser.


It is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Office. You can activate Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
Not only the versions but also you can activate different editions of the same version like Windows home, Windows professional, Enterprise and many more.

32 and 64 bit

It is also available for both (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system.


It is a robust activator which means that if the activation process gets fail due to any reason then It will restart the activation process automatically. There are 99.999% chances of activation.


Ratiborus is fully automated. You do not have to drive the activation process. You just have to set parameters and push the activation button. All the activation will be done automatically and at the end, you will get “Windows is Activated” message. You can also view the activation process completely.

Ratiborus - Free Download KMS Ratiborus Tool {2019} | Windows Activator

Download Ratiborus

The downloading process of this tool is the same as other KMS tools such as KMSpico, KMSauto, KMSnano and Microsoft Toolkit. If you new user of Windows Activator then you must have to read such instructions given in the below.

  • Disable your Antivirus and Window defender.
  • Click on the link given at the end of the article.
  • You will see a Full detail page where you will get complete information about the zip file.
  • In the detail page, you can access different versions.
  • Select the appropriate version and click.
  • You will land on downloading page (sometimes this page do not show download button in this situation refresh the page.)
  • The required software will start downloading automatically. If it does not happen then you may click on the quick download button(Red Download button)


Disable your Windows defender because of Windows do not allow a software which tries to change in registry files. (Activator has to change registry file during Windows activation)


If you face any problem of this KMS tool then you can send your queries and suggestions through the following channels.

Download Ratiborus Activator  


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